All Bay Comfort is proud to provide outstanding services and products for heating and cooling. Our goal is to meet the specific requirements of our customers. We achieve this by providing expert advice and excellent quality products to our customers.

Air Conditioner

If you’re thinking of having an air conditioner installed there are three common types, usually one of these will work for you. The choices are,

“The Split System” this is what you use when you have a “gas fired” furnace it is called a split because the furnace and the compressor are separated. This works best if you have space either under your house or in the attic for the equipment and ducts.

“The Package Unit” this is normal when your house is built on a slab. The unit uses natural gas for the furnace. The package unit is installed on the roof and the ducts must be in the ceiling.

“The Heat Pump” you only use this if there is no natural gas in your area this unit is capable of producing heat for less money than electric resistance heat sources. (Like the typical space heater) They can be very efficient and cheaper to run than propane.


The new High efficiency Furnaces can save you money on your energy bill, as well as being quiet and clean. You can improve the function of your furnace with an optional air cleaner for a pollen and odor free environment. Most modern Furnaces are equipped with efficient fan motors to increase the product efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
Typically the Furnace is the “Air Handler” Unless you have a heat pump then the air handler is a fan system without the gas fired component.

All Bay Comfort carries a variety of efficient fan motors and which guarantees smooth operation and effectiveness all rear round.

Air Cleaner and Filters

Apart from heating and cooling, it is very important to keep the indoor air clean. Therefore, it is recommended to use an effective air cleaning and filter system. So that you can breathe clean and pollutant free air.
We have been acknowledged for providing the most efficient filtration system which cleans the air of your whole house.

Super High Efficiency

There are two more types of heating and air conditioning that need to be mentioned.
“Solar assisted Radiant Heat” and “Air to water Radiant heating and cooling”
All Bay Comfort is a certified contractor in both of these Super High Efficiency types. That means that we can deliver the rebates and discounts that come with these. They change from county to county so check with your energy provider to see which are available to you.

“Solar assisted Radiant Heat”

This consists of a boiler and a solar water heater and a pump that pumps heated water through tubes installed in the floor or sometimes in the ceiling or wall it is a well-known fact that this kind of heating is one of the most desirable because of the silence and the subtle warmth coming from the entire floor it is the same for the,
“Air to Water Radiant Heating and Cooling or Heating only”
Except this unit produces Heat by way of a Mechanical System (Refrigeration Based) it uses the same delivery system as the typical Radiant system.


Zones are the way we can use smaller Equipment to do the same amount of work. We are experts at determining if Zoning is right for you. Let All Bay Comfort do an Equipment analyses for you today


No matter which system you have, Modern thermostats are essential in controlling the temperature in the space, as well as controlling the program that suits your personal needs. Our technicians will examine your equipment, and provide you with an appropriate thermostat for your particular system.

All Bay Comfort is dedicated towards providing the best services and products to the customers located in the Bay area.

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